NOTICE: Linksurf USA recently officially launched this website on Saturday, November 27th, 2021, and we are in process of building our purpose here. Please bear with us as we get settled in.

Welcome to Linksurf USA. Do you love reading interesting articles? If you do, then this online magazine might be right up your alley.

Linksurf USA was created, and designed to do one thing primarily, and that is to provide a curated collection of interesting articles found at selected top publishers websites who operate inside the United States, with main focus on Auburn and Opelika, Alabama, plus surrounding areas in Lee County, and Chambers County.

That’s right, Linksurf USA is a “America First” focused online webzine. That doesn’t mean we may not feature some articles written from some foreign sources, however our main mission in providing access to content on the internet, is to give our viewers the best reading of the USA as possible.

Linksurf USA is light on photos, and heavy on text. We prefer keeping our website minimal, and it is AD FREE! Why is it ad free? Your Linksurf USA editor dislikes intrusive website ads as much as you do. There is a place for advertising at other places online, however not here on this domain. An option for sponsoring this website in exchange for a link on our upcoming sponsors page is in planning for any businesses or individuals that would like to support this venture.


  • City of Auburn Begins Redistricting Process – 2021-11-17-WED – The city of Auburn is beginning steps to adjust the boundaries of the city’s eight wards based on population data from the 2020 U.S. Census. According to state and federal law, the city must review and, if needed, redraw district boundaries so that each district has — as nearly as possible — an equal population. – [FULL STORY]
  • Corner of 280 Set For Development – 2021-11-17-WED – Following the city council’s approval at Tuesday’s night meeting, Highway 280 may soon see some new businesses. – [FULL STORY]
  • Opelika Police And Fire Launch Project S.A.F.E.R For Special Needs Community – 2021-11-10-WED – The Opelika Police and Fire Departments are excited to launch Project S.A.F.E.R, a voluntary program available to all citizens who live, work and attend school in Opelika. – [FULL STORY]
  • Serving More Than Cookies – 2021-11-10-WED – Toni Cartlidge was a military child. She was born and raised in New York. Her father was in the National Guard and the “military lifestyle” is all she has ever known. Cartlidge began working at the military academy at West Point in 1986. – [FULL STORY]
  • Remington Firearms To Bring 856 Jobs to LaGrange – 2021-11-10-WED – Gov. Brian P. Kemp announced earlier this week that Remington Firearms (RemArms), America’s oldest firearms manufacturer, will locate its global headquarters and open a new advanced manufacturing operation as well as a world-class research and development center in LaGrange, Georgia. Through these projects, RemArms will invest $100 million and create 856 jobs over a five-year period in Troup County. – [FULL STORY]
  • Jersey Mike’s Subs Donates $300,000 to Matching Campaign to Support Wreaths Across America – 2021-11-10-WED – Today, national nonprofit Wreaths Across America (WAA) is proud to announce that Jersey Mike’s Subs has made a $300,000 donation to support a matching campaign from Nov. 15 to 30, with a goal to sponsor 40,000 veterans’ wreaths for placement this National Wreaths Across America Day — Saturday, Dec. 18, 2021. – [FULL STORY]


  • TROY, AL – Troy City Council approves agreement for new bowling alley – 2021-11-23-TUE – Troy city leaders have agreed to bring a new bowling alley to the city. – [FULL STORY]
  • BIRMINGHAM, AL – 2021-11-17-WED – ‘Unusable’ Quinlan Castle will be demolished, replaced with Southern Research biotech center – [link]


  • KNOXVILLE, TN – 2021-11-23-TUE – “I was shocked it was over a $6 pizza” | Worker recalls moments after man pulls rifle on employees – A Knoxville man is in custody after allegedly threatening Little Caesars employees after he was told his pizza would take ten minutes to make. – [FULL STORY]


  • BIG SPRING, TX – 2021-11-20-SAT – 3 killed, two critically injured, in school band bus crash – [link]


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Effective 2021-11-23-TUE, Linksurf USA will be muting all news company Twitter accounts we follow as we discover them, who deploy strict paywalls on their websites. We are not in business to share news across the United States that our viewers can’t easily access.

We want our viewers from every part of our country to be able to tap a link we share, and quickly get the information regardless of what news agency in any state published the article.

We’re sharing articles from all across the United States. Zero view paywalls can hinder someone for example in California from trying to view an article published locally in New York who has no interest in subscribing to a paywall for a local paper they don’t read regularly.

As we work to grow into a central hub for current events and progress over time into following dozens, up to thousands of news sources across our country, we are striving to share easily accessible content. We’re not striving to assist companies with paywall sales.

Linksurf USA understands that publishers, especially local agencies need income to support their platform. We encourage publishers to consider less strict paywalls, especially since as we’re seeing, many newspapers in the same state are publishing exact same articles.

It’s not difficult to search online for alternative articles on platforms that do not deploy paywalls to get a story, if we really want to see and share a story.

With that said, if your company deploys a strict paywall that does not allow a few free views for parties who are not local to you, in our opinion, you miss a broad sharing of your content when we (and not just we) choose to ignore your paywall, and find the content elsewhere.

We will publish documentation on our upcoming website regarding our Twitter conduct, and how it relates to our following, muting, and lists practices, and how these practices effect the accounts we follow, and how it all benefits our viewers.

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