Photo credit: This photo, by: Susan Wilkinson.

Linksurf USA officially announces the beginning of it’s project launching on Saturday, November 27th, 2021 @ 4:05 AM CST. We are just beginning with our venture, but in time, hope to become a useful resource for news and article links, plus more.

Have you ever started a website, and had some ideas for it, but somewhere in the mix you weren’t really sure the exact direction you are going with it… well that’s us right now.

Our website is currently under construction. We have launched, but are in the planning and building process of establishing our basic workflow and purpose. Follow and watch us grow.

This post will be updated in the near future with more info about what we’re up to.


Linksurf USA is grateful for your visits and use of our resources. We are just getting started with this project which launched in November 2021. We’re working daily to build this website and bring useful content to you.